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Looking for a fun way to get your little ones to keep up with their chores?

Download our FREE Yowie Rewards Chart, fill it in, and let the games begin! Tick each square once they are completed, with a delicious Yowie reward at the end of each week!

Get Your Rewards Chart
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Display Their
Hard Work!

Encourage your little ones to be proud of their hard work with this collectible display stand, made out of Yowie capsules!

Each time they get a new Yowie reward, they can add to their display stand – a true show of all the chores they’ve done and a great way to re-use their rewards!

Back to school display stand

Surprise Chore Chooser!

Making daily chores extra fun.

Create a surprise chore chooser using Yowie capsules! An interactive and fun way to get your little ones excited for their task of the day.

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Bonus Reward Station!

For the moments that your little ones deserve extra recognition.

For the moments that your little ones deserve extra recognition.
Text: Create a bonus reward station filled with extra daily surprises.

Back to School Reward Station
Rewards Arm

Words of Encouragement Wall!

An extra boost of positivity and encouragement to get through the day!

Create an accessible words of encouragement wall for when your little ones need a boost.

Create back to school activities
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Explore our homework helper activities and games to start off the new school year!

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DIY Yowie Notebook Cover

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Play Math Bingo with Yowie

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Play a Math Memory Game

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to buy

Find Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates at retailers in the United States and Australia.

Or request them to be stocked in your favorite local store.

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