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the Yowie!

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Gday I Am Red


I Am Cousin To The Red Kangaroo Red

With bucket loads of energy, there’s nothing I love more than playing in the hot red sand! But with ears this big and long, never fear – they are always twitching and twisting about, listening to the noises of the plains ready to protect my dear desert friends!

Meet Rumble
Meet Rumble 01
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Meet Crag 01
Hi There I Am


Caring For Our Marshlands

Despite my startling smile, rumours around the swamps find me grounded and courageous. Following the marshlands, swamps, and backwaters has taken me on great journeys around this wide world we share, which is why protecting my home is so very important to me.

Meet Crag
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Hey I Am Pink


Part Platypus Duck And Beaver

I might remind you of a babbling brook or a glistening waterfall, or so my friends say! You’ll always find me excitedly looking up, forever searching to find things to be grateful for. Once you’ve met me, you’ve met a new best friend for life!

Meet Squish
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Meet Ditty 01
Hello It Is


I Am Not Quite A Wombat

Oh you’ll find me not unlike my home – gentle and warm (and sometimes a little scattered) like the sweeping breeze that blows through my meadows. I’ve been known to collect lost little creatures from time to time, conducting cicada and cricket concerts and things of the like to put those in my woodlands at ease.

Meet Ditty
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Whats Up I Am Orange


At Home Amongst The Hills

I love to play as I watch over the rainforests and mountains, chasing bugs and butterflies along the way (trying not to trip over those pesky tree roots and toadstools!). I try my best to bring joy as I goof around the place – smiles and laughter are my very favorite things.

Meet Boof
Meet Boof 01
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Meet Nap 01
Why Hello I Am


I Sleep In The Tippity Tops

Although I do have a teeny, tiny tendency to doze off at any time caressed in dreams, breeze, and blossoms, that never stops me from being alert in my lofty home. I’m so very humbled that my friends often ask me for advice, although sometimes I do… uh oh… ummm… oh, that’s it! Sometimes I do lose my train of thought… oopsies!

Meet Nap