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I Sleep In The Tippity Tops

Although I do have a teeny, tiny tendency to doze off at any time caressed in dreams, breeze, and blossoms, that never stops me from being alert in my lofty home. I’m so very humbled that my friends often ask me for advice, although sometimes I do… uh oh… ummm… oh, that’s it! Sometimes I do lose my train of thought… oopsies! If you do decide to visit, please don’t wake me from my sleep!

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Favorite animal

My favorite collectible/animal…

My favorite animal is the Yellow Bellied Glider because I often visit them in their large tree hollows. Because they live so close to me, I’ve become very close friends with these guys!

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My favorite activities

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Fun fact

I’m an amateur astronomer and have a telescope to observe the stars. Because I sleep in the treetops, I get the best view of the night sky!

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