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Exciting new products bursting with surprises!

Get ready for an extraordinary treat with Giant Yowie—a colossal half-pound version of our beloved Yowie Surprise-Inside Chocolate. Indulge in sustainably sourced, GMO-free, gluten-free milk chocolate and discover TWO exclusive baby animal collectibles inside each Giant Yowie for Easter and Christmas.

Plus! Introducing YowiePop—a 3D lollipop shaped like our lovable characters. It’s naturally flavored, vividly colored, and comes with tangy sour powder for dipping. And of course, there’s an exhilarating surprise animal inside, accompanied by a mini suction cup for endless playtime adventures.

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The Story of Yowie!

The Yowie magic began in the mid-‘90s in Australia with a playful approach to educating children about the importance of wildlife conservation. Now, the unique, novelty treat is in the U.S. and parents and kids alike are learning why Yowie is the smart treat!

Yowie Surprise-Inside Chocolate stars the six Yowie characters – Rumble, Boof, Crag, Ditty, Nap & Squish – who each guard a particular wildlife habitat. The Yowie-shaped chocolate shell surrounds a recyclable capsule wrapped in colorful bright foil. Inside is…a surprise!  – a highly detailed, realistic-looking collectible endangered animal and a full-color leaflet that teaches kids all the amazing traits the animal possesses.

The Yowie Surprise-Inside Chocolate is delicious, responsible, educational, and most of all, FUN! Plus, parents can feel good giving their kids a treat made without GMOs, gluten, nuts, or anything artificial – just 100% milk chocolate and already available in 30,000 retail outlets across the United States.

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Mr A+ – An avid Yowie collector himself, Michael Theo aka Mr A+ was delighted to be one of the first people in the world to find out what the next series of collectible animals are inside Yowie chocolates. Join him as he ‘unboxes’ the collection and becomes a new father to 17 Baby Animals!

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Tigga Mac – The wonderfully creative and talented Tigga Maccormack recreated the beloved character, Ditty, for a delicious piece of content that had over 350k plays in its first 72 hours!

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Grace Mary Williams – Yowie World partnered with much loved TikTok star and candy connoisseur, Grace Mary Williams, to share our cute and delectable surprise inside chocolates to her 2 million followers over 4 videos!

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WHat the press is saying!

“Having teachable moments with kids using sustainably sourced chocolate is a parenting win.”

– Family Ever After Blog

“In addition to delicious chocolate that parents can feel great about sharing with their children, the experience of surprise and delight of discovering a new endangered animal and learning all about it adds a wonderful educational aspect to the Yowie treat experience.”

– Market Insider

“This brand has high-quality chocolate and it’s made to enjoy by chocolate lovers all over the world.”

– Buzzfeed

“Yowie surprise-inside chocolates provide an engaging experience outside of the typical holiday treat.”

– Bloomberg

“The Yowie Group announced that its Wildlife Conservation Series of Surprise-Inside Chocolates has raised $250,000 for the organization [in securing] protection for threatened wildlife species across the planet.”

– Confectionary News

“Rather than simply producing a limited-edition Halloween treat or toy, Yowie Group is providing virtually everything needed to have a spook-tacular Halloween at home this year while creating loads of opportunities for quality family time.”

– Confectionary Production

“A positive influence in the classroom!”

– Australia’s Guide to Central Coast Magazine

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Yowie Fast Facts!

Albert's Lyrebird

“Yowie” is the Australian version of Sasquatch or Yeti and translates to “hairy people.”

Yowie is the #2 surprise inside item in the world!

Yowie chocolate is made from 100% milk chocolate that is sustainably sourced, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and contains no GMOs, no gluten, and no nuts.

Each Yowie chocolate comes with a surprise endangered animal toy inside along with a fun facts to make learning fun!

Launched in Australia in 1995, Yowie was one of the top-selling treats in Australia in the late 1990s and early 2000s, selling more than a million units a week. Yowie relaunched in 2014 for US markets.

In the last five years, Yowie has contributed more than $300,000 to wildlife conservation.

Yowie chocolate is made in the U.S.A. with a delicious Swiss recipe!

On and our social media channels there are more than 150 online craft and educational activities created especially for kids with more released every month.

Yowie is beloved by elementary teachers across the U.S and Australia and used in classrooms to reward students, encourage positive behavior, and support curriculum on endangered animals and wildlife conservation.

To date, we’ve designed and manufactured 166 unique collectible animals and Yowie characters.

Every day of the year you can learn new things about endangered wildlife and the animals featured in each Yowie series on, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

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