Play Math Bingo with Yowie!

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What you’ll need:

  • 2 Bingo cards (with numbers in the circles)
  • 1 Math question sheet
  • Scissors
  • A bowl
  • An adult to help!

To prepare:

Step 1. Download and print the 2 bingo cards and math question sheet.

Step 2. Using scissors, cut out the math questions on the dotted line. Once you have cut out all the questions, place the pieces of paper in a bowl.

How to play:

  • There will be two players playing the game with the bingo cards and a third person asking the questions.
  • Have someone randomly choose a math question from the bowl and call out the math equation for the players to solve. Keep the used questions aside so you can check the bingo card answers later.
  • The two players will then need to silently work out the answer, then mark off the number on the bingo sheet (if they got the answer correct!).
  • The first person to cross off 5 numbers in a line on the bingo card (horizontally or vertically) or 4 numbers diagonally (with the Nap circle in the middle) will WIN the game!
  • The player needs to shout “Bingo” to win!
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Download Bingo Cards
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