Planning a Fall Party? Put the Yowie Surprise into it!

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Yowie has tons of ideas for your next party! From games and activities to treats and prizes, Yowie is the perfect addition to your fall celebration.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 20, 2022 / From Halloween to fall parties, birthdays to back to school celebrations, as the weather turns crisp there is no shortage of reasons to party and no party is complete without a Yowie Surprise! From games to treats to prizes, the Yowie Surprise Inside Chocolate is the perfect way to celebrate fall.

Some fun ways to incorporate Yowie into your celebration include:

  • Give Yowie away for your Halloween contest.
  • Guess how many Yowie are in the cauldron or harvest basket. The winner wins them!
  • Yowie scavenger hunt! Hide Yowie throughout your party place and see who finds the most.
  • Catch the Yowie! Try tossing a Yowie between two people and keep taking one step backward. The pair who can toss and catch the Yowie from the furthest distance win the Yowie!

News Planning A Fall Party02

You can find more Yowie games and activities at

Parents can feel good about providing this party treat because Yowie is more than just delicious all-natural chocolate. The surprise-inside chocolate treat is sustainably sourced, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and contains no GMOs, palm oil, gluten or nuts. Plus, each Yowie features an endangered animal collectible figurine and a bite-size leaflet to help kids learn about the animal.

“Yowie is the perfect addition to any party because its more than just a sweet treat, it’s a smart treat!” says Yowie CMO Cynthia Thayer.

Explore more of the wonderful world of Yowie at, find them on Facebook, or look for @YowieWorld on Instagram. You can also find easy, interactive, and educational craft projects and games on Yowie’s YouTube channel and on Pinterest.

About Yowie

Yowie is best known for its flagship product, the Yowie surprise-inside chocolate. Each Yowie product is created in the shape of the Yowie characters and contains limited-edition collectible animal toys and a full-color leaflet featuring a picture of the real-life animal, its profile and level of endangerment. Our social media channels and website allow collectors to learn more about the animals and their world while having loads of fun through games and competitions. The combination of tasty, clean-label treats, fun animal toys and a digital platform encourages kids to learn about the natural world and understand its need for protection. For more information visit