International Chocolate Brand Donates to Whitmer Volunteer Fire Department Halloween Party

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Yowie donates surprise-inside chocolate to local children for Halloween party

 (NEW YORK) October 27, 2022 – On Saturday, October 29, local children will get an extra surprise at the annual Whitmer Volunteer Fire Department Halloween Party – a visit from Rumble, Squish, Crag, Boof, Nap and Ditty – or at least their chocolate counterparts when each attendee receives a Yowie, the surprise-inside chocolate! Kids ages 1 to 12 are invited to the Whitmer VFD Firehouse at 586 Little Italy Rd., Harman, WV from 6 – 8 pm for a night of costumes, games, pizza and prizes, including the chocolate donation from Yowie World.

What is a Yowie? Well, Yowie is the Australian equivalent of bigfoot and each of the Yowie characters (the previously mentioned Rumble, Squish, Crag, Boof, Nap and Ditty) is the guardian of a different natural habitat. Inside each of their colorful, foil wrapping is delicious, clean-label chocolate. The surprise-inside chocolate treat is sustainably sourced, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and contains no GMOs, palm oil, gluten, nuts or artificial colors and flavors. Plus, each Yowie features an endangered animal collectible inside and a bite-size leaflet to help kids learn about that animal.

“Yowie is all about connecting children with the natural world, that’s why we love opportunities like this to connect with and support a local community,” said Yowie CMO Cynthia Thayer. “Plus, our current series really lends itself to the Halloween season since it includes the Peacock Tarantula, the Ruby-eyed Green Pitviper, and the Southern Bent-winged Bat. All are endangered, and all could be considered scary, but we’ve focused on their superpowers in our newest collection. This bright blue tarantula has hypersensitive hairs, the red-eyed snake’s infrared vision helps it hunt, and the bat’s ultrasonic calls can’t be heard by humans. There is so much more to these animals than being “spooky,” and we love sharing this knowledge with our customers.”

Yowie’s attention was drawn to Whitmer thanks to Janice Festermann and Margaret White of the VFD’s Women’s Auxiliary. Festermann recently bought a Yowie for her grandson and was instantly taken by the candy’s educational aspects and delicious chocolate. She knew she wanted to share Yowie with the Whitmer community and Yowie is happy to oblige.

About Yowie

Yowie is best known for its flagship product, the Yowie surprise-inside chocolate. Each Yowie product is created in the shape of the Yowie characters and contains limited-edition collectible animal toys and a full-color leaflet featuring a picture of the real-life animal, its profile and level of endangerment.

Yowie’s social media channels and website allow collectors to learn more about the animals and their world while having loads of fun through games and competitions. The combination of tasty, clean-label treats, fun animal toys and a digital platform encourages kids to learn about the natural world and understand its need for protection. For more information visit