Yowie Group works to “Sweeten the Season” with the Launch of A New Holiday Campaign

Sweeten Season Yowie

Surprise-Inside Confectionary Brand Encourages a Safe and Memorable Holiday Season with Sweets, Gifts, Family Activities and More

(NEW YORK) Dec. 14, 2020Yowie Group, the confectionary company that brings families sweet treats combined with an educational experience, has officially debuted their “Sweeten the Season” holiday campaign. Throughout the holiday season, Yowie will be offering special gifts, free activities for families and discounts on their beloved surprise-inside chocolate eggs.

Despite the despondency that comes with stay-at-home orders during the holidays, Yowie encourages its fans and customers to take time this season to enjoy the small things and create magical memories with family and friends. Most notably, Yowie will be offering free downloads of their most popular Yowie eBooks on Kindle or iBooks and 20% off all Yowie Amazon purchases as a holiday gift for fans in the United States with codeword VOW6KR99.

“While travel is limited and gatherings are kept small, we want to make sure this holiday season is special for families across the country,” said Yowie Group’s Global CMO, Cynthia Thayer. “Our hope is that the ‘Sweeten the Season’ campaign can help inspire spending quality time for families celebrating at home regardless of the circumstances.”

Some entertaining and collaborative holiday activities that can be found in Yowie’s “Sweeten the Season” campaign include a printable holiday card to send to those you might not be able to visit this year, a downloadable coloring page that helps kids practice their math skills, and a series of weekly Facebook Live storybook reading events throughout December.

In addition, Yowie makes the perfect stocking stuffer gift by providing an experience outside of just a typical holiday treat. By providing delicious, sustainably sourced, 100% milk chocolate free from GMOs, gluten, nuts, palm oil and artificial coloring and flavors AND the surprise and delight of discovering which endangered animal collectible is inside your Yowie egg to learn all about, parents can gift a treat that keeps on giving.

For any families looking to take advantage of Yowie’s “Sweeten the Season” holiday offerings, Yowie surprise-inside chocolate eggs can be found in more than 30,000 retail outlets across the

United States, including Walmart, Target, 7Eleven, Albertson’s, Meijer, Walgreens, CVS and most recently both Food Lion and Casey’s or online at Amazon.com.

Once you’ve purchased a Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolate, head to www.yowie.com/holidays , the Yowie World YouTube channel, and to the Yowie World Facebook page to see all the new activities and games in their “Sweeten the Season” campaign to make the holidays special for your family.

About Yowie

Yowie is best known for its flagship product, the Yowie surprise inside chocolate. Each Yowie product is created in the shape of the Yowie characters and contains limited-edition collectible animal toys and a full color leaflet featuring a picture of the real-life animal, its profile and level of endangerment.  Our social media channels and website allow collectors to learn more about the animals and their world while having loads of fun through games and competitions. The combination of tasty, clean-label treats, fun animal toys and a digital platform encourages kids to learn about the natural world and understand its need for protection. Yowie surprise inside chocolates, Yowie Bites and Yowie Gummies are available in more than 30,000 retail outlets across the U.S. For more information visit www.yowie.com.