Yowie Surprises Fans in the U.S. with Ultra Rare Glass Frog Collectible as Part of “Animals with Superpowers” Series

Yowie Ultra Rare Glass Frog

Surprise-Inside Confectionery Brand Announces Release of New, Rare Collectible Figurine 

(NEW YORK) November 08, 2021 – Yowie Group eagerly announces the debut of a new, rare collectible, the Pacific Giant Glass Frog. This figurine is the rarest collectible Yowie has ever released and is a part of the newly released “Animals with Superpowers” series. Its superpower is translucency. Native to Ecuador and Columbia, their skin is translucent showing the organs, bones and muscles that lie beneath.

For every one million toys Yowie produces 1,000 Glass Frogs, meaning that collectors have a .001% chance of getting one. Now that Yowie collectors are aware of the Pacific Giant Glass Frog, fans throughout the U.S. and Australia will unwrap the brightly colored foil Yowie characters with anticipation, in hopes of discovering they have scored a Glass Frog. Among the first to discover the Glass Frog is Katelyn Lauscher from Wisconsin, U.S.

“When I first opened the Glass Frog, I was actually super confused that I couldn’t find it anywhere on the website, or charts,” said Katelyn. “I even searched Google. Then I found a Facebook group that told me to message Yowie directly, and I was so thrilled to find out how rare it was! Being the first person to find the rare Glass Frog is a “feel good” accomplishment and makes me want to keep collecting more and more Yowie! I started collecting Yowie a couple years ago, and I love that not only is the chocolate delicious, but it’s also always a surprise what cute figure you’re going to find. Learning facts about some animals that I’ve never even heard of is quite interesting!”

Information regarding the Pacific Giant Glass Frog is available on the Yowie website so fans can learn more. For anyone eager to discover a Pacific Giant Glass Frog or complete their “Animals with Superpowers” collection, Yowie surprise-inside chocolate eggs can be found in more than 30,000 retail outlets across the United States, including Walmart, Albertson’s, HEB, Food Lion, Ahold, Meijer, Walgreens, Family Dollar, 7Eleven, Speedway, Circle K, Loves or online at Amazon.com.

“When we were developing the Animals with Superpowers collection, we thought it would be fun to add a super rare, surprise collectible item in the mix with the intent of revealing it after the series made its initial debut,” said Mark Schuessler, Global CEO at Yowie Group. “Now, there’s an opportunity for Yowie fans to obtain 21 new collectibles, including 19 incredibly fascinating endangered animals. Yowie is on a mission to make learning about wildlife and endangered species fun with the added bonus of acquiring high-quality collectibles and 100 percent milk chocolate treats.”

To learn more about Yowie’s future campaigns as well as their current superpower collection, visit www.yowie.com or @YowieWorld on Instagram. Collectors can also leverage the Yowie Collector app to keep track of their growing collection by downloading the free app at Apple and Google stores.