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Pin the Ears!

Boof, Rumble, Squish, Nap, Crag and Ditty are missing their ears. Can you help attach them? This is one of their biggest fears!

They cannot hear you, you will have to be loud. So let out a big scream once they are found!

What You Will Need:

  • Yowie Poster downloadable
  • Yowie Ears downloadable
  • Blutac / sticky tape
  • Blindfold


  1. Print poster downloadable, and hang on a wall (be sure to place it somewhere with plenty of space!)
  2. Take an ear with blutac and spin around three times blindfolded.
  3. Walk towards the wall (an adult may have to guide you there).
  4. Take a guess where the ear needs to go, and stick it down.
  5. The person that is the closest, wins a Yowie prize!
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